Although not all counselors and coaches feel this way, I think it’s important to expose my own humanity and imperfection when working with my clients. I don’t want them to come to me because they see me as some sort of Messiah, I want them to know that I am a human being, just like them, who has problems and makes mistakes.

However, I have tools and training that I actually use to work my way through those problems, and I try to learn from my errors to grow into a better person and a more competent guide. I am open to talking about what I have learned; sharing the things that work, while warning them about those that don’t.

In that vein I openly confess that it was recently pointed out to me by my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Ted Shaw, that I was creating the future from the past. What exactly does that mean? you’re probably asking and so did I.

“You are taking your negative, thoughts and experiences from the past and projecting them onto the screen of  your future. That gives them energy and enhances the likelihood that they will rear their ugly heads again, in the future.”

Yikes! Not only did I see that this was exactly what I was doing, I realized that most of us do this all the time. And guess what? Law of Attraction decrees that “like attracts like.” So if we are projecting the vibration of a dreaded outcome that we fear, we will attract a result that will be a vbrational match to that projection. Not good!

Ok, so what do you  do to avoid creating the future from the past? I would suggest you do something like the following:

1. Think about your ideal picture of some future event that is representative of the area of your life you are focusing on. (i.e. If you are working on your financial circumstances picture yourself in your ideal home, car, vacation etc.)

2. Really ‘feel’ into it and get into the joy of how great it would be. Bask in the good feelings-see the picture so clearly that it just makes you smile or giggle.

3. Thank God or the Universe for this amazing future that is on its way and believe it!

Now you are creating the future from the present and setting a powerful intention for the future to show up the way you want it to. Isn’t this a better idea than dwelling on something painful that happened in the past that you fear will happen again? Not only does that approach not feel very good, but as you do it, you feed energy to it, and what ever you feed energy to, grows, gets more powerful and becomes much more likely to be what shows up in your future reality.

Bottom line…focus on what you want, not what you dread…and what you want is much more likely to show up!

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