Telling On Myself Part II

Hi Everyone,

First of all, my apologies for not telling the conclusion of my story by the promised Sunday date. I can only plead, as my defense, that once I found the dream place to live, the reality of packing and moving was upon me and I have been in non-stop action mode ever since.

So here’s what happened:

After Texas Ted burst the bubble of my  illusion/delusion that I could ‘make due’ with the wrong place, another person in my life got me thinking. As if to add insult to injury, my nephew Patrick, who has been my most ardent energy student over the years, did what all teachers dread. He caught me in the midst of not practicing what I preach and lovingly put it right in my face, with the ole one-two metaphysical punch.

It happened at a family gathering where Patrick was telling me about the PERFECT place he’d just found to move to in Los Angeles. He was over the top with excitement. Listening to him I must admit that I found myself turning jealous shades of green. I too, wanted to be that excited and positive that I was moving into the absolute right place. I mean let’s face it, no one wants to go through the pain of moving unless you feel somewhat assured that you will be better off in the new location.

The moment of truth was made blatently clear as I feebly tried to make a convincing argument to Patrick that I too was a passenger on the euphoria bus. I too had found ‘the perfect place.’ “So tell me more about it Auntie,” he generously responded. As I began telling him about it, I could not help but pepper my comments with the truth that on my ideal list of desired elements, many of my ideals were missing in this place.

I should have expected the ‘all knowing’ look and the following comment. “Auntie I know you and I don’t think you are really all that excited about this place. Maybe you need to do a vision board or write out what you want and then trust the Universe to give it to you.” I thought about attempting a rebuttal with a ‘young whipper-snapper’ type comment, but instead I took an uncharacteristic moment of pause and allowed the undeniable truth to sink in. Dammit! the little shit has busted me. Don’t you just hate it when someone many years your junior is so clearly right and you are nailed with the truth of your crap? My response came out in some muddled form of “Well honey, I’ll think about that.”

This absolute pearl of wisdom was quickly followed by the words of Texas Ted flooding into my head. “So let me get it straight girl, what I hear you saying is that you don’t trust the Universe to deliver everything on your wish list.” Ugh! I hate it when everyone else sees what I have been so blind to.

The next morning after doing my daily meditation work, my resolve was strengthened and I said “Ok, Universe I’m going to give you one more  chance. I want to feel like Patrick. I want to be excited about finding the perfect place and I know you CAN deliver it!”

Moments after speaking that command/desire/prayer to the Universe, I went on Craigslist and saw: “Cozy Beach Cottage a Stones Throw From the Sand.” It was looking like an instant manifestation to me as I felt like a desert traveler, dying of thirst, who just saw a mirage. I called, got an appointment to see it that afternoon and thought that all my angst was over.

The short version is that as one of my clients has since educated me: “Cozy is code for dilapidated!” The place was a nightmare and I left at light speed thinking that once again, the Universe didn’t deliver…

However, while I was in the area I decided to check out a street that a friend of mine had said was where she had once lived for a very reasonable price, in a lovely condo with a real garage! I drove over to the street fumbling through my purse trying to find the address she had given me of where she had lived. I couldn’t find it, so I decided to just drive the neighborhood.

Low and behold, I ran into TWO For Rent signs and immediately called the numbers listed. While I was waiting for a return call, I again rifled through my purse trying to find the address of where my friend had lived. I didn’t know the name of her former condo complex. I knew it was on a very big street, but there are probably 500 condos on that street. As I was waiting for the call back, I found the crumbled scrap of paper on which I had scribbled the address.

Just as I found it, I looked at the For Rent sign in front of me and realized in one incredible moment that the place for rent was at the exact same address as where my friend lived! ( I get chills as I am writing this). Out of hundreds of condos, the one for rent was in the same four-unit building that my friend had lived in. Okay, okay. Well played, Universe!  Not only that, it was one door away from her unit. I was starting to feel a flutter of hope as it seemed that some Divine Sychronicities were at play.  The owner met me to show me the place and on the way in told me that he had just put the sign up and hadn’t even listed it on Craigslist yet.

I can only liken that moment to the scene in The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy opened the door of her house after the Tornado had taken her for a spin, and suddenly the world was in color. The place was beautiful! Split level, tile and carpet,  fireplace, vaulted ceilings granite counter tops, all new fixtures and overlooking the golf course! Oh, and did I mention that a garage was the number one thing on my dream list, it was really important…a deal breaker. Not only did I get a garage, I got a two car garage!

And here’s the icing on the cake. I looked at the landlord and said, “Ok Mark, I am in love, what do I need to do?” He looked at me and smiled and said, “You like it, then give me a couple of hundred dollars and it’s yours.” That was it, no application, no credit check, ‘no nothin’. It was done. The Universe had decreed it. [Universe: 1, Paula: 0, ] but I was the the winner in every respect!

Afterwards I looked at my wish list of desired elements for a new place and this condo had not one, not two, not three desired elements. It had EVERY ONE OF THEM. Yes, just as Texas Ted had said was possible, the Universe gave me EVERYTHING I desired, everything on my list. It was miraculous. But then it always is when you let go and allow the Universe/God to give you what it wants you to have.

The delay in writing the final part of this piece was caused by the realities of a move. That’s a story for another piece, complete with angel friends and my wonderful children who made the experience one I could live through. But the bottom line is, that here I sit in my beautiful new home, peaceful, happy and looking forward to living in this open, airy  place until the love of my life shows up and comes to take me to ‘our’ home’ where we will dwell together. Hopefully that will be my last move because dream place or not…moving’s a bitch.

It’s been a wild ride kids but the underlying message is “don’t settle!” You don’t have to. All of your dreams are possible. You just have to have Patience, Trust and Faith to allow the Universe to deliver the right outcome to you in its time. Corny as that may sound that’s what it takes.

I love you for taking time out of your life to hear my story. You’re great. Thank you.


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