Lighting Up Your Chakras

Would you ever consider getting into your car, notice that the gas tank was on empty, and then get on the road for your daily commute? Of course not! It would be more than clear that the chances of getting where you want to go were slim. The whole idea seems ludicrous doesn’t it? And yet most of us do just this every day.

As I am about to release the revised version of my book, Chakras, The Magnificent Seven, I have been doing a lot of thinking about this amazing system. You see we all have within us whirling vortexes of energy that are kind of like little, friendly tornadoes. We call them chakras, a Sanskrit work that means “circular motion”.  They’re kind of like energy resevoirs and power plants, all in one. They each impact different parts of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Most of us who practice yoga are familiar with the term, but I’ve learned in my research how much the chakras affect our entire day, even when we’re not in the yoga studio.

When the chakras are fully energized everything is singing and functioning perfectly. It’s a miraculous system but it still needs nurturing and maintenance. Energy is mutable which means it’s changing all the time. Depending on what is going on in your life, the chakras could be balanced, congested, over-energized, depleted etc… Ideally we want the chakras to be balanced and there are many ways to do that, which will be explored in future blogs. One of my favorite ways to achieve and maintain balance it is to put light into your chakras on a daily basis.

It’s a very simple process that can be done in as little as a minute or can stretched into a 20 or 30 minute meditation. How to do it is very simple. Just close your eyes. Put your hands on each chakra and visualize white light flowing from your palms into the chakra. I use white light because it contains all colors and the chakra will pull the vibration of whatever color it needs. The chart below explains where the Chakras are located and what parts of our day to day life each one affects. I’ll admit the chart is a bit anatomically graphic, but bear with me for the sake of your spiritual education. 😉

You may be wondering if something you visualize could actually do anything real. Absolutely! You see the brain thinks in pictures and it doesn’t know the difference between something you visualize and something that is actually happening.  This is why visualization work can be so powerful.

So take that minute or 20 and visualize those chakras lighting up and being fed powerful, high vibration energy. Remember, if you light up your chakras, they will return the favor and light up your life!

Do you have any Chakra-balancing techniques you love to do each day?

For more Chakra art, visit my Chakra Pinterest board.

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