Tapping Your Way to a Tony

One of my clients is a stage actress in New York,  and has given me permission to share with you the success she has had with using Meridian Tapping to improve her performance. 

This method can be used by any of you when you are experiencing creative blocks, difficulty with focusing, or issues around completing a given task. I know this happens to me with writing, my nephew experiences it with composing, and my daughter has experienced it in the past with singing. All of us have had tremendous success with clearing those blocks using Tapping.

First of all let’s look at why tapping helps. Whenever we are not being successful at what we are doing it is because emotional conflicts, usually created in the past, have arisen and are causing us to have subconscious doubts about our ability in the moment to do the job well. Tapping helps us to kind of ‘clean out’ those sabotaging thoughts in the electrical circuitry of the body and once the circuits are clear we are better able to do the task in front of us. Only when we are present in the moment, can we access that unexplainable, spiritual part of us that is capable of sculpting David, composing the Moonlight Sonata, or giving a Tony Award winning performance.

When these ‘old tapes,’ or obsolete bits of programming come up for my actor client, she feels herself starting to drift away and starts having difficulty staying present and in character. She refers to it as “The Weasel” trying to sabotage her. Since beginning her work with me, what she has started doing is saying a set up phrase something like, “Even though the Weasel is trying to get me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I refuse to let him win.”

She knows exactly what the Weasel is all about and all the emotional issues that he represents. With that in mind, she taps all of the points saying things like “The Weasel,” “Releasing the Weasel,” “The Weasel doesn’t get to win,” “The Weasel is gone forever,” “ I am fully capable of doing this role perfectly,” etc… She informed me that within moments she was back in the present and into her character, a kind of magical transportation had taken place and she was ready to do what she needed to do.

For any of you who don’t know much about Meridian Tapping you can Google EFT or Meridian Tapping and see lots of videos. I will also be doing a demonstration in an upcoming video blog. Tappers are always saying “Try it on everything!”

Who ever knew it would finally make it to Broadway! Break a leg, Dear One! 🙂

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