Stop Eating Your Heart Out

The holidays are fast approaching us. They can be a wonderful time of celebration with family, but they can also be a very emotional time that is chock-full of high calorie/big indulgence comfort food.

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Meryl Hershey Beck. I just signed up for her free teleseminar on October 25th, and I wanted to share this incredibly valuable information with you.

The tele-seminar is called “Break the Chains of Emotional Eating: 5 Steps to Stop Eating Your Heart Out and Start Living an Authentic, Joy-Filled Life!”  In it, Meryl teaches a process that can be used to change ANY unwanted behavior, such as a shopping compulsion or being self-critical.

You can reserve your spot for the call here!

The reason I know it’s going to be a great call, is that Meryl wrote a book that was ranked #1 on Amazon in the eating disorders and drug dependency categories. She knows very personally the hell of out-of-control eating, and now that she is free of it, she is offering help to all that are suffering. 🙂

Hope you’re on the call with me!  Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary tele-class



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