Tapping with ‘Tweens

“I understand exactly what it’s like to do  your job,” said the adorable 11 year old sitting across from me in my office.

“You do,” I replied, “and how do you know what it’s like to do what I do?”

Without a second’s hesitation, the very confident little girl looked me straight in the eye and said,“Oh my friend and I have an advice company too. Kids come to us to give them advice, just like grown-ups come to you to give them advice.”

Well, I’d never really thought of it like that but I think she hit the nail right on the head. I run an advice company.

This beautiful and very precocious little girl had come to me to help her with her fear of flying because grandma and grandpa were taking her on a trip soon and she was terrified about the flying part. After a little chat about her last flying experience, I discovered that turbulence had caused a shaky plane ride, over water no less, and she had spent a great deal of the flight traumatized by the idea that the plane could crash into the water and she would be all alone in the abyss, as she put it.

Although I use many methods in the Energy Psychology compendium, I decided that EFT would be just the thing to get my little friend over this fear.

Before tapping I asked her what were the parts of the flight that she liked. Her bright blue eyes perked up immediately as she exclaimed, “Sprite and the peanuts.”  Pay dirt, I thought, we’ll use that when we get to plugging in the positive thoughts and beliefs.

We tapped on ‘Even though I get scared when the plane shakes and I fear that it will crash and I’ll end up alone in the abyss, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.’  Then we tapped each point with short statements that identified aspects that frightened her. (ie. Shaking plane, plane could crash, fear of the abyss, separation from my dad. Etc…)

When I tap I use three phases:

  1. Highlight the problem
  2. Release the problem
  3. Replace with a positive

What I said above was the highlighting the problem phase. Then, tapping each point, we released the aspects we had highlighted…in a relatively short time we got to the fun part. After seeing that she was at a zero charge on the fear, we tapped each point stating how calm she was when flying, how fun it was to fly, how good the peanuts and Sprite tasted etc…

In no time she said that she felt good about the upcoming trip. Kids can clear things quickly because they don’t have the years of baggage that we grown-ups do.

I heard from her mother, a few days later, that she went home and taught her dad how to tap and that many of the clients of her advice company were also being taught how to tap. The best moment however, came two days ago, when I got a text from her mom on the day of her flight, it said that her daughter had called and asked her  to tell me that she did great and that it was even “fun.” And she also wanted to send me a very big Thank You. Could anyone who runs an advice company ask for more?

Take care, everyone and if something troubles you today…tap on it.


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