On Being Grateful

Gratitude is one of the highest states and highest vibrations that exists. I know it sounds crazy, but when you find yourself feeling that life is too hard and nothing is going your way, one of the best things you can do is make a gratitude list.

I know there are times when it seems that there is nothing to be grateful for but that’s when doing a little digging and finding things to put on the list will be the most productive.

I remember a time after my divorce, when I was terrified about how I was going to survive financially and feed and clothe my children. I was driving around in rainstorm during the winter, when I came around a corner and saw a man lying on the sidewalk trying to cover himself with a couple of large pieces of cardboard. I went right home, hugged my two, well-fed children, and felt grateful that I had a heating system that had the house at a warm, cozy temperature. That night when I got into my soft, comfy bed I was very clear how much I had to be grateful for.

It doesn’t have to be the fancy stuff. Sometimes, just having the basics that make life so much easier than it would be if we had to live at the mercy of the elements reminds us what we can be grateful for. Food, light, heat, comfort, a warm bed, good clothes, a jacket in the cold, clean water, all things that we take for granted, that make life more comfortable and bearable.

In every life there is much to be grateful for, no matter what is going on. Remember, that according to the law of attraction: the more you find to be grateful for, the greater the chances that you will be a vibrational match to attract what you want. Wherever you place your attention, you focus your energy and whatever you feed energy to, grows.

Gratitude is a great way of growing the good stuff in your life. This Thanksgiving, take some time to consciously become aware of all that you have to be grateful for. Even better, write it down. Focus your energy on that and don’t be surprised when more of that good stuff shows up.

Happy Holidays!

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