A Poem

I am very blessed to get to do work that allows me to assist others in making meaningful change in their lives. Often, a beautiful and truly deep bond develops between my clients and me. One of my clients writes beautiful poetry and she wrote me a lovely poem as a thank you. She has given me permission to share it with you. We have been talking a lot about Gratitude lately. I must say that I was extremely grateful to receive this incredible tribute to what she believes to be my ability as a healer. I share it with you now in modesty and gratitude.

Spirited Enlightenment


She is of the Spirit World

Perhaps caught between

This one and the others

Here to deliver us

From ourselves.


She is our Mother

Our sister

And all women

She enfolds us


She is an other

Worldly presence

Shimmering, airy, soft

Like a summer breeze


Yet she is as strong

As a sorcerer…Morgana

She opens your heart

Inexplicably and sets you free


Thank you Roz, and my gratitude to all of you, who have allowed me into your lives in some way. I am honored and grateful and humbled.

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