Happy New Year!


For me it has been a great year…tough times and all. I have come to many, new, important awareness’s, not withstanding a few scraped knees along the way. I have come to love and appreciate myself and my special ones on a very different level. I am getting better at taking responsibility for my life, while still working on the old beliefs and the fearful thoughts that pop up and bite me in the butt from time to time. It’s progress, not perfection as they say in 12 Step groups.

This is a great time to take stock of the year that has just passed. Look at the things you didn’t make happen and resolve to do them in the coming year. However, I encourage you to spend the bulk of your time focusing on the things that you did do and give yourself a very big pat on the back. You deserve it. It’s not easy to create change and growth and if you did, then Yay for you. I for one am proud of you. Join my club.

The other really important thing that you need to do right now is SET YOUR INTENTIONS for the New Year. Write down what you want to have happen. Remember, energy is random, if you want to create something specific; you need to tell the energy what to do. No more casting your fate to the wind. We know how to do it better. Write down what you want and read it every day. That is so powerful. Keep putting that consistent vibration out to the Universe. Work the energy.

Would you ever take a trip without having a destination in mind? Would a farmer ever manifest a field of wheat if he didn’t first get the seeds, prepare the soil and then plant them? You really can have what you want but you have to do a little work to bring it about.

Do the prep, plant the seeds and then ‘feel’ the great feelings you will feel when it comes to fruition. Feel it even before it happens, don’t get into doubt, just consistently feel and know, then allow.

2013 CAN BE YOUR DREAM YEAR IF YOU MAKE IT SO. All you need do is begin…sit down now and write your Intentions, then get ready to watch your field burst forth with the creations that you desire, not the ones you unconsciously create by default. Be a conscious creator and harvest  joy.



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