Q & A

Hi Everyone,

I want to try a new feature here on my blog. I am going to open it up to questions from any of you that may have them.

Last month when I wrote the piece about helpful ways to talk to emotionally upset, or grieving people, there was a lot of great feedback. Many people emailed me asking for the article I offered which went into greater depth about the same topic. It made me stop and think that it could be a very helpful weekly piece if I answered questions from my readers.

Therefore, if you have a question on Energy Psychology, Addictions, Grief, Relationship Issues or Emotional Distress please give it to me in the comments section of the blog or email it to paulashawcounseling@gmail.com.

All questions will be read and over time I will endeavor to answer them all. If the question is about a situation that is critical or time sensitive, let us know that and my team will prioritize me answering it right away.

We will still continue with our other weekly features.  The question answering blogs will just be an added element. Please send me your questions. They will help me to make the blogs more helpful and meaningful.

All the Best,


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