It may not feel like it some parts of the country, but here in Southern California, Spring is already in the air!

I thought it might be nice to do a series of Spring Cleaning Q&A about ways that you can get yourself ready for a fresh season full of new beginnings, sunshine and warmer weather.

 Q: I want to learn how to keep my energy up and stay relaxed. I have heard that I should get my chakras balanced. How do I do that and who do I go to?

A: Yes, it is definitely a good idea to balance your chakras, but you don’t necessarily have to go to anyone to do that. One of the easiest things you can do every day is just spend a few minutes putting light into each chakra. I like to actually put my hands on the chakra and imagine white light flowing into it. That way the chakra can pull whatever color light it really needs depending on its current energetic state.

Sometimes when you are especially stressed or have gone through a recent trauma, you might need a ‘jump start’ from a Reiki practitioner or some other kind of energy healer that balances chakra energy.  I do this kind of work and I know that sometimes my clients are so ‘blown out’ or ‘disorganized energetically’ that they can’t restore balance by themselves.

What I encourage my clients to do is to balance their chakras on a daily basis. In my book Chakras, The Magnificent Seven, I give many techniques that take only a few minutes to do or that can be done in conjunction with other activities. That book will soon be offered on

There are videos and written pieces on my blog that also describe chakra-balancing processes. I highly encourage you to spend that few minutes each day. Believe me the rewards will be more than worth it.

Q: I have just ended a relationship with a man who I thought was the one. We weren’t together long, but I felt very connected to him. I’m feeling heart broken and want to get to a better place of happiness and normalcy?

A: My broken hearted friend, don’t apologize for your feelings. You just suffered loss in the three categories that it comes in: Loss of Dreams, Loss of Trust and Loss of Life Circumstances.

When a relationship has created a Dream that you thought would shape your future, it is no small thing when it ends. Often it is harder to lose the Dreams than it is to lose the actual relationship.

On top of that there is the Trust that goes into letting someone into your life in that intimate a way, and when that trust is violated it is a deep wounding, no matter how long the relationship has been going on.

The other loss that has taken place is the loss of the Life Circumstance of being a woman with a boyfriend who might have become a fiancée. There is a certain status and security that goes with being in a serious relationship. It was as though you had a license to have dreams of house, home, family and future. Now, that dream circumstance has changed and along with it so has your life. This is a very painful experience.  Our dreams and fantasies have a powerful life and they don’t die easily.

I hope that what I am saying has helped you to understand why you are in so much pain and that it has helped you to understand your right to your feelings.

Loss can be tough and complicated. Try to remain authentic, express your feelings honestly, allow yourself the time that you need, and be gentle on yourself.  In other words, cry when you need to cry, scream when you need to scream, and most importantly, laugh when the opportunity arises.

If you are authentic in your feelings, you will move through the grief faster and get to that place of happiness and normalcy that you are craving right now. Spend time doing things that give you joy, enhance your creativity and move your body. These are all good things for promoting good feelings and positive thoughts.


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