Blooming Swab

Q: I keep thinking about my last boyfriend and can’t seem to get him out of my mind. Is there anything I can do on an energetic level to help myself?

A:  Absolutely! Right in alignment with Spring Cleaning is the process of disconnecting or cutting the Energy Cords that can evolve between you and another person. There is a whole chapter in my book Chakras, The Magnificent Seven, that deals with this subject but I will try to give you the Cliff Notes version.

When someone impacts us in an intimate, vulnerable, powerful way, we develop etheric connections or cords that keep us connected to that person energetically. They connect between chakras and they provide and energy exchange that allow us to siphon energy from the person we are connected to, or them from us.

Sometimes, when a break of some kind has occurred in a relationship, one of the first things we notice is that we feel tired or drained. Perhaps our thinking is blurred or we can’t get out of the obsessive loop of thoughts about that person. One of the reasons that this may be happening is energetic cord connection.

While some cords develop naturally, like those between mother and child, and those between new lovers, they are designed to fall away easily when the relationship matures. In general, it is not a good thing to be corded to someone because it allows leakage or drainage of your energy to the other person.

There are many ways to cut or remove the energetic cords which I describe in detail in the book. But generally speaking, you need to ‘intend’ for the cord to be disconnected and you need to take a clear action (usually through visualization and action) to remove it. This can involve cutting, twisting, or burning the cord, in order to rid the body of this connection.

The following is one of my Favorite ways to remove a cord and take a powerful stand with the person who you share the cord with.

‘See yourself in a place where you feel powerful, see the other person, look them in the eyes and in some way communicate to them why you are doing what you are doing. (In the book I suggest you explain to this to them silently or out loud and then speak the words: “I remove these cords to free myself and to free you. I take back my light and I take back my power. Any light or power I have taken from you, I give back to you now with love.”)

After speaking these words either twist and remove the cord, cut it yourself or invoke Divine assistance with cutting the cord. This is powerful work with palpable results. You will notice a different feeling once this has been done.

Once the cord is removed from you, allow it to float to the other person so that they can do with it what they will. I like to do this in a loving way, but if you have had an abusive or adversarial relationship with someone and it feels good to you to be more accretive or clear-cut, then honor what you need and cut the cord in that way.

The final step is to visualize yourself placing your hands over the opening where the cord was and healing/sealing it with white light flowing from your palm chakras. That’s it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Feel free to be creative and intuit the best method for you to use. It may involve art or some physical act. Follow your instincts. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Is there someone in your life that you feel uncomfortably connected to? Is there someone you just can’t stop thinking about? You may just be corded and need to consciously disconnect or cut those cords to free up your energy, your mind and your heart.

Let me know if any of these feeling are ones you can relate to and I’d also love to hear how it goes if you decide to remove those energetic cords. It’s best to have a little help on the first go round but if that help isn’t available, don’t let that stop you. Follow the instructions I have given you, set your intention, protect yourself and cut away. It’s so freeing and energizing.

If you should decide that you would like my help, I, of course, would love to help you through a phone or office session. Just call and we can arrange it.

Best of luck to you, let me hear how it goes!

Q:  Hi Paula,

We met many New Moons ago at the Goddess Gathering you had in South Pasadena and then again at a women’s gathering in Montrose. You autographed a Chakra book for my mom and a friend as well. I have subscribed to your blog and see you are as wonderful and heartfelt as ever. Thank you. 

I really enjoyed your video of the Heart and Hand Breath for pets, loved the sweet little dog, is it your friend? We have adopted two shelter cats, Danielle and Golly. Golly is older with a few health issues we are working on and I believe I have calmed him somewhat with your technique from the video. He is not feeling well and I am trying to help him thru some visualization. I was bathing him in white light tonight and it seemed to help, do you think that’s the best route? I can’t always reach his chest and eye area as I bug him and he wanders off!! (lol) Please let me know if you have any suggestions or resources, I’d really appreciate it. 


A: Thanks for the question and kind words! I hope your mom and friend are doing well.  I love to hear from people who are using the work and getting results. Even if the results aren’t perfect I encourage everyone to try it and feel free to contact me for advise as you did.

Pets are the most receptive to energy work because they are so pure and uncomplicated. If you have any trouble actually doing a process on the animal, either put them in your lap and then do the process on yourself or hold them in your consciousness and then do it to yourself. You will be amazed at what good results you can get quite easily.

I am delighted to have you aboard. Thank you for contacting me. Let me know how it goes!


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