Three days ago a dear friend and proud father sent me a text saying that his daughter was flying to Boston to run in the Boston Marathon. He was thrilled that his daughter had done the work and had maintained the commitment to condition her body well enough to run the 26-mile course of this world famous race.

Yesterday, that terrified and angry father poured out to me the plethora of confusing, intense emotions that he was feeling after finding out that some unknown villains had threatened the life of that beautiful daughter. He was panicked when he learned that some unknown individual had committed the heinous act of setting off two bombs in the midst of innocent civilians standing at the finish line, joyfully cheering their loved ones on. His daughter’s mother was among them.

Fortunately both daughter and mother were unhurt physically but the shock and trauma they suffered are as yet unknown.

I find myself asking Why? What could possibly be a reason sufficient to motivate human beings to take the lives of innocent others? Do they not have families or loved ones? Have they no consciousness of the pain and terror that they have caused people who only wanted to support those that they cared about as they engaged in this celebration of physical strength and endurance?

Like so many others, I feel a little sick about the state of a world where such a thing could happen but rather than give in to the terrorists and give them my joy and my power I have decided to say “NO”. No, you cannot enshroud me in fear. No, you cannot make me start engaging in conversations of anger and racial or religious prejudice. No, you cannot make me become a hate-filled, vengeful creature. No, you cannot make me stop seeing that life is a beautiful gift and that every day is worth living.

I will not become so filled with trepidation that I stop going to concerts, sporting events and other places where people gather to celebrate life. Why, you ask? It’s simple, because if I do, then the sick, low-vibration-beings that did this, win. They take away my joy and my sense of safety and freedom. They reduce the quality and expansiveness of my life. They turn my thoughts toward that which is life defeating, not life enhancing.

I entreat you to join me. Remember, we create in the physical what we focus on in the mind. Together we can create a powerful vibrational field that will not allow this kind of event to take place ever again. Together we can create a force field for good. There is already too much hatred in the world, let’s fight this in a different way. Like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, let’s just stand strong with quiet resolve and simply say “NO. You may not come into our city, commit an unconscionable act and turn us into a mob of terrified, vengeful monsters as well. We cannot change what happened in Boston but we can change and control what happens within ourselves.”

Don’t let dysfunction win. Let love and healthy behavior prevail.

With my love and gratitude to you for taking the time to hear my words. Please take a minute to share in the comments section below, how you are coping with the aftermath of this event.

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Comments on: "How We Recover – Boston Marathon" (2)

  1. Craig Gutman said:

    Very well stated Paula! You make an important point about not becoming part of a vengeful mob mentality, which is neither productive or healthy on several levels. While I certainly feel no love or caring for the person(s) who did this, I want to see justice served, not vengeance. I think it’s important to show the world that’s who we are and how we operate as Americans.

    If you missed the coverage of the Interfaith Healing Service in Boston this AM, it’s worth watching to hear what Gov Patrick and President Obama had to say. Both were articulate, uplifting and inspirational. (May be able to catch on Youtube?)

  2. Richard Palkovic said:

    I was deeply moved with your comments.
    Well said! You are a blessing to all who know you!

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