Whew! I just finished polishing my Power-point for my presentation on Energy Psychology for the Angel Faces Retreat. You may remember that I blogged awhile back about this wonderful program that I am now a part of.

Angel Faces is a very important, non-profit organization founded by Lesia Cartelli to provide educational/experiential retreats for young women suffering from burn trauma.

This year is the first time that the tools of Energy Psychology will be introduced to this group and I am the one who will be providing the introduction. I am beyond excited about having this honor and opportunity!

I will be working young women from ages 14 to 20. It looks like we are going to have a great group of ladies coming from all over the world. The word from participants of past retreats is that it is a life changing experience for everyone involved.

In addition to the lead role taken by Lesia, herself a burn trauma survivor, there will be a team of volunteer women handling everything from yoga, nutrition, hair and make-up instruction, grief work, and self esteem exercises to hustling the ladies into bed on time at night. The volunteers are referred to by Lesia as the ‘Tribe’ and I am very excited to now be one of them. Many of them have been serving at retreats for up to eleven years!

I am going to get to introduce them all to the Human Energy System (the Bio-Field, the Chakras and the Meridians). I will also be teaching them ways we can work with it to create better health, increased happiness and optimal functioning.

It’s a wonderful opportunity and I am very grateful to Lesia for offering it to me. Angel Faces is expanding and in the future retreats may be offered to older women and even boys!

I will be off the grid to the rest of the world from June 22nd until the 29th. I look forward to sharing with you what my experience was like when we meet up on the other side.

There is so much good going on in the world. I’m glad I could share a bit of it with you today.


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