Let’s talk Chakras! I want to tell you about Nature Therapy.

I recently spent a week in the Sierras. I had such a great dose of Nature Therapy, that energized my chakras, and I thought we should take a pause in the music series and talk a bit about Nature Therapy.


Every chakra resonates with an aspect of nature and, being in connection with that nature setting, energizes that chakra.  Let me be more specific with examples from my own vacation experience.

Standing, sitting, or walking (without rubber soles blocking the energy) on the earth is a great way to energize the Root Chakra. This is the chakra of stability, survival and connection to family and the earth. I hiked, sat, and definitely stared at the wonders of Mother Earth for 8 days.

The Sacral is a chakra of partnership, creativity and pleasure – loves water. Float in it, stare at it, and drink it. This chakra also loves the moon so if you can float in a body of water, staring at the moon, all the better. I didn’t get in the water because mountain water is too cold for my taste, but I was in constant visual contact with it. I drank my fair share of that delicious glacial water as well.

The Solar Plexus is a chakra that vibrates with the self, loves the sun, so anytime you are giving yourself a vitamin D bath you are also energizing the chakra of self love and personal power. The sun shined every day and I was bathing in it as much as was sensible for my ‘mature’ skin.

Heart Chakra – the feelings chakra, loves green and pink, so being in the mountains with so many green plants and pine trees was a wonderful tonic for any heart ache that could have possibly arisen.

The Throat Chakra, (center of communication and personal will,) relates to the blue sky of daytime. Being in wide open spaces where the sky goes on forever, is a perfect opportunity to energize this chakra.

The Brow Chakra relates to intuition and intellect. It resonates with the indigo night sky and there is no finer sky than that of the Sierras at night. The Milky Way was a trail of sparkling dust and there were a zillion stars mesmerizing me every night.

Finally, the Crown Chakra, the seat of connection with inspiration and the Divine, is totally at home in very high places. High mountain settings, experienced alone, in silence, are ideal for energizing Crown Chakra. I was at 7,000-8,000 feet all the time; sometimes even higher. It was an amazing, highly energizing experience.

Okay, I hear some of you saying, “But I can’t get away. I am to swamped or too broke to have a vacation this year.” Not to worry…good news. Your local park or beach or lake, etc… can work as well.  If you absolutely can’t actually get into nature, the good news is that you can visualize yourself doing any of the above and it will work as well. The brain thinks in pictures and actually doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and what you actually experience. Isn’t that cool?

In summary, I will be giving you lots of ways to work with your chakras in the coming weeks but Nature Therapy is one of my favorites and one of the most enjoyable and easy. Make every effort to give yourself these experiences…especially during summer. But remember if you cant…and when winter comes…a picture can be worth a thousand sits on the earth, or floats in the lake.

Bottom line, put effort into energizing your chakras, enjoy it, find the ways that light you up, and the results will be well worth the small amount of time and energy you invest.

We’ll continue our Chakra Music series next week! Happy Weekend!


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