Think Pink ~ Part I

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone is getting passionately pink for the cure. I was recently interviewed by Nutritionist, LoRayne  Haye, who was doing a very interesting article on the nutrition, the hormones and the energetics behind healing breast cancer. If you would like to read the article in its entirety the link to do so is here


What we have included below is the portion of the article that I co-wrote with LoRayne regarding the role that Energy Psychology can play in healing Breast Cancer. I think you will find it quite interesting.

Emotional Stress: The Landscape of Female Energy

“Remember, thoughts and feelings have physical effects. Open yourself to receiving help, nourishment, and compassion from yourself and others. When you experience events that cause you sorrow, resentment, or pain, allow   yourself to quite literally get these feelings off your chest by experiencing your emotions fully, grieving fully, and then letting go so that you can “make a clean breast of it.” Dr. Christine Northup M.D.

LH: From an energetic point of view what’s going on with women and breast cancer?

PS: “I am convinced that underneath all illness is unreconciled grief; it all tracks back to this. Everybody experiences loss and grief but most people don’t have an opportunity to process and heal the grief they experience, so it gets pushed down into the energy system and the physical body. With every illness and every emotional disorder that I can think of, the root cause is a disruption in the energy system caused by loss resulting from trauma. It might be emotional, environmental, physical or mental but trauma creates loss, loss creates grief and grief creates a disruption in the energy system.

Culturally, we seem to be better at processing certain kinds of loss, perhaps because there is more societal understanding of those losses. For example, if we had an earthquake right now everyone would band together, support each other and have some sort of an understanding of the emotional/physical difficulties that others were experiencing. However, when we lose something or someone through death, divorce or a separation of some sort, the circumstances are unique to us and others don’t necessarily understand them, so we end up feeling alone.

It is in this isolation that we generally ‘stall out’ emotionally. Even when others might empathize with our pain, there is little time in their busy lives to truly support us. The result is that most people push down the emotional traumas or experiences and don’t deal with them, so they end up manifesting themselves in a variety of diseases.

Also unhelpful is the general practice in the corporate environment, which usually allows only three days of bereavement leave.  This gives people the idea that they should be back to normal within that amount of time. Rarely, if ever, is anyone fine in three days; but when you think you should be, and you’re not, you end up feeling defective, inadequate and alone.

In an effort to try to look like they are doing better than they are, most people repress the emotional traumas or experiences instead of feeling and healing them. Again, this unhealed, negative energy can end up manifesting itself in disease. It is interesting that the Heart Chakra is the energy center that processes feelings and it’s the area in which breast cancer develops. Too many painful, unhealed feelings create ‘fertile soil’ for the development of this disease. Many years ago Dr. O Carl Simonton, head of the world renown, Simonton Cancer Center, showed a direct connection between unreconciled grief and the development of cancer. Heart Chakra…feeling center…breast cancer…it’s an obvious connection.

It is also problematic that collectively, women are not nurturing themselves. This also causes the energy of the Heart Chakra to become congested or depleted. We are a nation that has, since the 1960’s, seen women trying to be everything to everyone by being mother, father, leader of the pack, and career genius. We are supposed to have perfect bodies, be ultra intelligent and look like we just stepped out of the beauty salon at all times. These unrealistic expectations were bound to manifest in some diseased way…

Why Breast Cancer you may ask? Well, where do women connect from? We connect to the world and all the beings we care about from the heart. Bottom line… women are wearing themselves out! They are depleting the Heart Chakra energy leaving themselves vulnerable to breast cancer.”


Next week we will continue with part II. In the mean time you can learn more about what you can do to help by visiting the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website.



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