Batkid…A True Hero


Last week I was blown away by the story of what the Make-A-Wish Foundation did last Friday for Miles Scott, otherwise known as, #SFBatKid.

What really got to me was the fact that a city as huge as San Francisco, went to all that effort to create a fantasy experience for one little boy. Why? What was really going on?

I think that turning San Francisco into Gotham City gave everyone involved a chance to let their inner children play a wonderful game and at the same time, help a less fortunate child. This is what all children do naturally if life hasn’t robbed them of that instinct.  On that day thousands of inner children got to be part of a wonderful adventure of love, heroism and fun.

It is amazing what power for good we possess when we unite our efforts to create a desired positive outcome. The sea of smiles that filled the video footage of the day was testament to the fact that putting out effort to give to another person a wonderful experience, gives as much to the giver as to the receiver. It was impossible to miss the elation and joy that filled the streets of San Francisco that day.

Obviously, we don’t all have the power and  logistical pull to create that kind of event but every single one of us has the ability to change someone’s day with a compliment, an apology, a just thinking of you text, a bouquet of flowers or a special meal. Let’s all make a promise to ourselves that especially during this holiday season, that we won’t miss one single opportunity to create joy in ourselves and in the others around us.

Thank you San Francisco, thank you Make-A-Wish Foundation, thank you Batkid and most of all thank you to all the inner children who went out to play that day.

You can view the photos and videos {here}



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