An Attitude of Gratitude


Michael Beckwith, author and spiritual leader, says that the vibration of gratitude is one of the highest level vibrations that exist. Gratitude is the fast track way to take your vibration to a guaranteed higher level, almost instantly.

What does this mean? It means if you’re feeling down…gratitude, if you have a challenging day…gratitude. A relationship ends…gratitude.

Okay, okay, I can already hear some of you saying, “Gratitude if my relationship ends! What? How do I get into gratitude if my heart is breaking?” Believe me I know that’s a tough one. But what I also know is that there is a gift in every challenge, a transformation possible in every tragedy.

It’s just hard to see it at the time because we go into a vibrational downward spiral. But my point is that as hard as it may be, the quicker you find something to be grateful for, the quicker you start raising your vibration and feeling better.

It’s crazy isn’t it? But it works. Just trust me and try it.

Let’s start with a little experiment. Thanksgiving is an actual day dedicated to gratitude. That means a whole lot more people than usual will be focused on gratitude. According to my calculations, that should mean the vibration of the country in general will be much higher. So, notice how you feel that day.

Now I’m not talking about tuning into your feet after eighteen hours of prep and cooking…I’m talking about taking a moment somewhere in the day, tuning in to what you are grateful for and connecting with the giant gratitude vibe that will be in action. Let it in, see what it feels like. Then, use the high energy of Thanksgiving. No matter what happens that day, turn it into something to be grateful for.  Don’t let anything rain on your parade. That will feel so much better than being stuck in anger, hurt or frustration.

In closing, I extend my hopes and wishes that all of your turkeys (or tofurkeys) turn out moist and delicious, that all of your families are healthy and happy and that all of your holiday plans come off without a hitch.

Spend some time in gratitude, no matter what your life circumstances might be. I guarantee that it will lift you into an better place.


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