I’m feeling nostalgic. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that Christmas is over and we won’t see it for another 365 days. I know for some of you, that elicits a huge sigh of relief but I am an admitted Christmas freak. I love it and have learned how to make it work for me without overwhelming stress and obligations. Something I will share in a future blog. (Hint: I dumped the cards long ago.)

I could also be feeling nostalgic, because my beloved Erin just left, after we indulged in Mother/Daughter fun for a month. And I may be feeling another twinge because I only got to see my son Casey for a couple of hours on Christmas morning due to work conflicts.

But if I’m totally honest with myself, I have to admit that Christmas ending and the year ending at the same time, always brings tears to my eyes. So much emotion, so much connection with people you love and then they are all gone! No time for debriefing or systematic desensitization. Poof! They are all gone and a New Year looms with all its potential and all its unknowns. Who ever thought it was a good idea to group all these emotional holidays in such close proximity?!

Okay, so what can I and others in this same boat do? Since we can’t turn back the hands of time (and God knows I’ve tried), I guess the only tack is to march bravely and productively forward.

Here are two things that I have done and found incredibly helpful for making this, ‘end of one year, beginning of another time’, meaningful and productive.

I begin with a quote from one of my favorite authors, Alan Cohen. This is a piece from his book “A Daily Dose of Sanity.”

He is talking about a Japanese movie called After Life. He says: “The message of After Life is that at the moment of a peak experience, you tap into the reality of who you are and how you were born to live.

Your peak experiences are far closer to your nature and purpose than your valley experiences. The only purpose of the valley experiences is to provide contrast for you to seek, create, and value the peaks. So the question would be:

What experiences have brought you feelings you value so much that you want to expand on them for the rest of your life?

You have a choice about your future, based on what you learned from your past. While many people focus on what went wrong in the past, the secret of success is to recognize what went right and expand on it. Which blessings from last year would you choose to be coming attractions for the next one?” Make a list…really.

Think about that and remember that what you focus on, you feed energy to, and what you feed energy to, expands.

In my New Years Day blog I will share the second powerful thing that I have done for several years,  that has made a huge difference for me. Thank you for indulging me in my very human end of the year moments. I’d love to hear what yours are like.


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