Customize Your 2014!


Hopefully, by now you have made a list of peak moments from the past year. You have decided which blessings and feelings you experienced, that you want to be coming attractions for this year. This list will be a treasure because every time you look at it, you will connect with the intensity of those great feelings. This will intensify your vibration around those selected feelings and experiences and that amp’d up frequency sends a stronger, clearer message to the Universe about what you want to experience this year.

Start paying attention to what you talk about and the words you choose to use. You might be surprised that they are much more negative than positive. Remember, what we focus on, we spotlight and what we spotlight, we expand. What do you want to expand this year? Someone once said that, “worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.” So focus on the positive!

Now, for the promised second process that I love and that I believe is very powerful. I take this process from another beloved book written by the wonderful Rev. Christian Sorensen, spiritual leader of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas. The book is The Joyous Freedom Journal.

Again, you must get out pencil and paper. Don’t groan about writing, it’s so powerful, it’s concrete and it’s something you can come back to. It will be well worth the time that the process takes. I promise you, you will thank me.

Without further ado: Make the following lists.

Three triumphs you had last year. (those peak experiences)

Three things for which, you are grateful.

Three things you are ready to leave behind.

Three things you would like to forget or be forgiven for.

Three things you will forgive and not carry into the next year.

Three things you are planning to do.

Three things to which, you are looking forward.

Whatever amount of time you invest in this process will return great dividends. Do it now, don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow because you won’t. Your life is happening now, and now is the moment to start creating it the way you want it to be.

Can’t wait to hear how the experience goes for you. Happy New Year!


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