Alright, you have thought about your peak moments of last year, the emotions and experiences that they created that you want to enhance, magnify and have more of. How do you keep the momentum going? How do you really take action to make this year different from all the preceding years?

At the risk of saying something that may sound trite and too simplistic: pick one positive behavior or practice and do it every day. It can be a practice like Yoga or Meditation, or lighting a candle and doing something specific, or walking around the block or singing a certain song or whatever else lights you up; just pick one thing and do it every day without excuse and without exception.

Why should you do this you ask? Simple, it will change your life. Imagine a rocket about to take off with a certain destination and just before the launch, someone  changes the projected trajectory by one degree. In the beginning it’s just one degree but as the rocket travels on mile after mile on this altered pathway, the ultimate destination it reaches will be miles from where it was originally destined to go.

And so it is with us, change one thing in your daily routine and before you know it, you have changed your life.

If you find that you are feeling blank as to what change you might make, let me suggest one that is simple, not to time consuming and yet very powerful.

Each day when you awaken, before you get out of bed, take a moment and place your hands on each chakra and see yourself flowing white light into the chakra. This isn’t just an imaginary kind of experience, it’s really powerful, as important as putting gas in the car before you drive it.

Take a minute or two to flow brilliant white light into each chakra and see it spinning in a clockwise direction. This simple process will assure that your chakras are fueled up and ready for the day.

Remember, your brain thinks in pictures and having it see you filling your chakras with light and energy will have it believing that you are amped up and firing on all pistons. It will behave in accordance with this belief, your day will go light years better and your energy will be amazing.

Try it! Or try something else, but choose something and without excuse, every day, just do it! That’s how we create real change.

For more helpful chakra techniques, purchase your copy of Chakras, The Magnificent Seven today!


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