A Hero’s Welcome

Many of you who watched the Super Bowl last weekend, (sorry Denver fans! It was a tough break!) probably saw this commercial:

A very emotional Budweiser ad depicting a welcome home celebration for a Veteran. It got me thinking however, as the daughter of a WWII Vet myself, about how we as a nation and world, handle mental health where returning soldiers are concerned.

My own father suffered from PTSD but remained undiagnosed for years, and only got real help to deal with the effects in the last decade. And one of the ways that many Vet’s are finding relief, in addition to support animals and conventional therapy, is through energy work. We’ve talked about EFT and War Vets before, but I’d like to open the forum up for discussion. To those of you who have loved ones who have returned from active duty, what ways have they coped with their PTSD? Has anyone out there experienced relief with energy modalities like EFT?


Comments on: "A Hero’s Welcome" (1)

  1. This a welcome tribute to our vastly under-appreciated and under served military. This is especially true of thousands of women who so faithfully serve our country with very little recognition.

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