Got the Valentine Blues?

Valentine’s Day, like Christmas is fraught with potential for disaster. “Why?” you innocently ask.

Because commercials, books, movies, plays and a best friend’s stories, have filled our heads with pictures of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to look like.

not-liking-valentines-dayHallmark and romance novels have made anything short of romantic candle lit moments, coupled with oodles of roses and the perfect gift, a Valentine’s disaster.

So if your beloved didn’t go to Jarod’s or didn’t buy you Veuve Clicquot at the best place in town, Valentine’s Day is a bust.  But I ask you, “What about the love?”

Isn’t the purpose of this day supposed to be about honoring love? Shouldn’t we all be primarily focused on conjuring up ways to make people we care about feel special?

I don’t think its ok that men spend sleepless nights quaking in their boots worrying that the diamond and the bouquet won’t be big enough. I don’t think that women are supposed to fake feeling special, when they had to make the reservation and they had to give the man specific instructions as to what to get and what to do.

And what about single people? According to the movies and commercials, the best we can hope for is staying home alone, watching chick flicks, drinking too much and binging on all the wrong foods! (This behavior is especially embarrassing for the guys that do it.)

I say let’s mutiny, mates! Let’s declare that Valentine’s Day is a day of being grateful for love in every way you know it. Love from you parents, your children, your mates, your co-workers, the dog, the grocery guy, your cleaning lady. I don’t care where it comes from…all love counts!

That being said, we should all have a wonderful day today because we all know love of some kind, from someone. We’re all included! Yahoo!

It may surprise you to know that the original Valentine legend tells the story of a mentor relationship between an imprisoned, persecuted Christian man and the blind child of his guard that he was teaching. His name was Valentinus and when the child came one day for her lesson, she found that he had been taken away to be executed. He’d left her a note telling her how much the lessons had meant to him and how much he loved her. He signed the note: Your Valentine.

And you all thought it was about a man marrying people in secret, didn’t you?

So I say again, let’s break through the limitations of the clichés.

Celebrate this day in any way that feels loving to you…and please don’t forget about loving yourself. I plan to pamper and nurture myself all day with my favorite foods, activities and entertainment. I encourage you all, single and partnered, to do the same. Don’t leave you out of the equation.

Let’s hear it for LOVE!



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