Chakra Q & A Part II

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their great Chakra questions. Here is one I think is so important! Keep ’em comin’!


Q: How do we know that Chakras exist? Is there scientific evidence?

A: I will be absolutely, straight up, and tell you that there is no hard-core scientific evidence that chakras exist. Even though I have seen computer programs that accurately show the current energetic state of the chakras, and felt them to be right on, there isn’t a lot of what we would call hard-core, verifiable, scientific evidence that they exist.

This is not a hard thing for me to accept because much of what I work with, and have seen create change, time and time again, can’t be seen.

Can we see energy? Can we see air? Can we see gravity? No, but we know they exist because we see the consistent influences of their existence.  So it is with the human energy system. Many people have experienced the phenomenal results of doing powerful work, like Reiki upon the Chakra system. Literally, for thousands of years, this kind of work has produced consistent , life-changing results. And yet in the literal sense, we cannot prove their existence through our eyes and ears.

I will answer this question in this way. If Chakras didn’t exist, would a movement and spiritual/physical practice as huge as yoga be focusing on them? Would the practice of Ayurveda which is the core of medicine in India, exist? Would the practice of Energy Psychology focus on them in such a big way? And more importantly, if the chakras didn’t exist, would Reiki and so many other Energy Psychology modalities, which do focus on them, be producing palpable results for so many people over such a large expanse of time?

So returning to the original question, I will say No, we can’t absolutely prove the existence of chakras but I and thousands of others, over thousands of years, have seen amazing results as outcome of working on and with, the chakras. So to me, they are very real.


Comments on: "Chakra Q & A Part II" (1)

  1. I loved this post, Paula. There are so many things we can’t see or tangibly touch but are so real. We operate on so many different levels. I always enjoy reading your articles.

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