This morning there was a 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Los Angeles!


Did you feel it? Earthquakes are very unsettling. In fact the majority of people who live in California fear them. Especially the inevitable “Big One” they say is something.

So how can we deal with the reality that some of us live in places where there are earthquakes and not live in constant fear? And when we do feel one, how do we cope with the aftermath? This is one of those situations where basic EFT tapping is so helpful! Those of you who have learned it from me, or other’s who specialize in it, can tape on a simple phrase like, “Even though I know earthquakes happen, I trust that I am safe.” Something as basic as that in the aftermath of a tremor can really help you feel grounded and release the unease.

How else do you cope with Earthquakes? What makes you feel safe after one has occurred?


Comments on: "Earthquake!" (1)

  1. Mary Barrow said:

    As a lifelong Angeleno/Californian, I was Shaken but not Stirred.

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