You are always talking about balancing the chakras. Nobody I know does this. Is it really that important?

I’m so glad you asked this question. You are right. Very few people know how important it is to do ‘chakra maintenance’ every day and so they go through life at the whim of whatever energies come along.

Energizing and balancing the chakras is just like changing the oil and fluids in your car. If you do it faithfully, the car runs better and the life of the car will be longer. So it is with the chakras. As we have said before, they are vortexes of whirling energy. Energy is mutable. It is changing all the time. If life circumstances deplete or congest the energy of your chakras you leave the parts of body, mind and spirit that they impact, vulnerable to illness and injury.

Here’s an example I often give. We’ve all known someone who had lifted something a hundred times, whether it was a child, a piece of furniture something in the garden…whatever. Then, one day they lift that same thing and it completely throws their back out. Why? Because on that day they may have had a fight with a spouse, a huge moment of embarrassment or self-doubt, screwed up on something they were supposed to do…any number of things that caused depletion and congestion of the energy in that particular chakra. The end result is that the chakra is weakened and when some kind of demand is placed on a part of the body that it impacts, there is no strength and resilience and an injury occurs.

Giving your chakras a little bit of attention every day goes a long way in keeping all parts of body, mind and spirit strong and healthy. It can be something as simple as visualizing yourself flowing light into each chakra, or massaging a body part that corresponds with that chakra, chanting certain sounds, using fragrances, physical exercise and yoga, just to name a few of the ways. There are many more in my book Chakras The Magnificent Seven, Pathways to Higher Energy, Happiness and Health.

Balancing your chakras doesn’t have to take a lot of time…it just needs to be done consistently. Get into the habit. The payoff for this small investment in time is huge.


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