Back in January, we posted a blog called “Customize Your 2014,” so we thought it was only right to check in and see how you’re doing with keeping your commitments to yourself?

Most of you, will probably find yourself in the Spring Resolution Slump phase, where the weather is getting nice and you feel like indulging a bit… (just one more taco and margarita please?) Or maybe you’re starting to feel that Summer Vacation-itis kicking in and your performance at work is slacking slightly. Whatever is going on in your life, I wanted to offer you a few simple processes to help refresh your goals in your mind and keep you on track.

For those of you who are staying on task and nailing all your resolutions… go away, we hate you. 😉

Here are some processes for the rest of us who need to kick it back into high gear!

The Head and Heart Breath is excellent for aligning your energy and bringing a sense of calm and balance to the body. It’s a gem for those stressful days when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

The Head and Heart Breath

Place the middle fingers of one hand on the side of the eye Gall Bladder Meridian point. This is a point on the bone on the side of the eye not on the temple.

The three fingers of the other hand are on the Conception 19 point in the center of the sternum on the upper chest a bit lower than the collar bones. Cross your ankles, close your eyes and simply breathe. This breath synchronizes the energy and calms the body.

One of the things we all do too much is criticize ourselves. We never say a thing when we are doing something right, (which we do a lot of the time,) but we are on our own backs, like hair on a gorilla when we screw up. This next process is best done while staring into your own eyes looking in the mirror. Give it a try. It’s very powerful and uplifting to tell yourself that you’re worthy of being loved, even when you are imperfect.

Global Psychoenergetic Reversal Correction

Rubbing the NLR (Neurolymphatic reflex) spots on the upper chest midway between the collar bones and the nipples, in an outward direction toward the shoulders and say the following three times.

“I deeply and completely love and accept myself with all my problems, challenges and strengths.”



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