Making a Stand

Last week I was having lunch with my friend, Greg Voisen and he told me about a little girl named Vivienne Harr, who’s father he had recently interviewed for his Podcast.

This little girl saw photos of Nepalese children begin forced to haul heavy rocks up mountains and decided to do something about it. She created a lemonade stand and in 173 days she raised over $100,000 dollars to donate towards ending child slavery.


I was truly touched by this story. In fact it’s hard not to cry writing this now. Her story has since been made into a documentary, the trailer for which you can watch here.

Here is an excerpt from this article in the SFgate

When Eric Harr was a kid, he made $9 one day from selling lemonade. He thought that was totally cool.

Thirty years later, his daughter Vivienne set up a lemonade stand in Fairfax and did considerably better. Over 173 consecutive days, she took in $101,320.

Vivienne, a 10-year-old with a penchant for bouncy princess dresses and the color pink, had a motive. Alarmed by photos she’d seen of Nepalese children hauling enormous rocks down a mountain, she decided in May 2012 to raise money to stop child slavery.

When people stopped at her lemonade stand to ask how much she was charging, Vivienne said, “Whatever’s in your heart.” She donated the $101,320 to Not for Sale, a nonprofit that works to eradicate human trafficking around the world. But she wasn’t finished.

During the last year and a half, her campaign morphed into a corporation. Make a Stand Lemon-Aid, which her father oversees, sells fair-trade, organic lemonade at 137 stores and is expected to gross $2 million this year. — SF Gate

You can connect with her on Twitter and help the cause!



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