Many of you might have seen this article posted on our facebook page and twitter. It’s a wonderful article from Mind Body Green discussing the warning signs that your chakras are out of balance. Read it it its entirety HERE

If you are exhibiting any of the warning signs of un-balanced chakras, try these processes.

Light Up Your Chakras

sun on hand gesture

Take two minutes, (everybody has two minutes!) to simply place your hands over each chakra and visualize white light flowing into the it. Your Chakras are placed at the base of the spine (root,) pelvis (sacral,) abdomen (solar plexus,) chest (heart chakra,) throat (well, that seems obvious… throat chakra,) between the eyes, (brow chakra) and top of the head (crown chakra.)

This is like putting gas in you tank before you drive the car. Trust me, it’s a small investment in time that will pay big dividends. If you want to amp it up a little, visualize the light flowing in a clock-wise direction and keep seeing it grow brighter and brighter.


Get Outside!


Another wonderful energizer for the chakras is Nature Therapy. My favorite is to actually get outside and experience these things, but if that isn’t possible for you, just visualize them. Remember, your brain thinks in pictures and it doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and what you actually experience!

Here are the ideal Nature settings for each Chakra.

Root: Earth…seeing it or ideally sitting or walking on it without rubber soled shoes.

Sacral: Water visualizing it or floating or swimming in it.

Solar Plexus: Sunshine visualizing a golden yellow sun or being outside feeling it on your skin.

Heart: Green settings, especially those with pink flowers…again visualizing or being there.

Throat: The blue of the sky during the day, seeing it or visualizing it.

Brow: Deep dark night sky, if you can spend time starring at it all the better…if not, visualize.

Crown: High places…a mountain top or anywhere with an expansive view.
You can find many more helpful processes for keeping your chakras balanced in my book, “Chakras, The Magnificent Seven” which is on AMAZON.

Chakra maintenance doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just be consistent with it and I promise you that you will reap the rewards.


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  1. My whole family has Lyme Disease, and we’re all afraid to go outside for fear of being re-infected. It is a horrible disease! Do you have any suggestions of what to do to alleviate some of this fear?

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