A Ram – Michael Sam

Okay, I am an admitted football freak and even though I had a wonderful mini-vacation in New Orleans last week and got to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter, who lives there, I was actually bummed to find out I missed the NFL Draft excitement this weekend.

I was however thrilled when I heard the news about Michael Sam. In case you don’t share my obsession with football here’s the scoop. A huge milestone in acceptance happened this week. The NFL drafted its first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Not only is he openly gay, he’s black and has a white partner. What a huge day in the sporting world and the world in general! We might actually be approaching the day when people don’t have to hide who they are if they don’t fit into the cookie cutter of the day.


Of course Sam isn’t the first gay man in the NFL, but he’s the first one who had the guts in a sport riddled with testosterone, to say, “hey I’m a man too, I just happen to be interested in men. And at the end of the day, none of that matters as much as whether or not I can help the team win football games.”

Hats off to the St. Louis Rams for also realizing that choices on Draft Day needed to be about football. Although they also have my vote for the “Guts Award” because some ignorant people will have an issue with Michael’s sexual orientation.

But what feels like the most important aspects of this story to me, are truth and acceptance. These are two of the most powerful energies in the Universe and they came together on Draft Day this year. If we could all master acceptance then truth would come much more easily. The idea of acceptance teaches us to accept what is and trust that everything will work for the ultimate good of all, if we just trust and allow what will be.


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