Vacation Envy

Well, folks, it’s June. And that means the start of summer vacations, and if you’re like me, you might find yourself dealing with a little bit of vacation envy.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.48.56 PM

Over Memorial Weekend, my daughter went to Jamaica on a week long holiday with her new beau, and her pictures of crystal clear waters and bikini-clad beach days made me a little envious as I was preparing to work at the ACEP conference – an annual tradition I love! …but not exactly the same as sipping piña coladas on a white sand beach…know what I’m sayin’?

So it got me thinking about how we all deal with vacation envy when we see friends and family sharing pictures of tropical escapes, or cultural European getaways, that we can’t always experience ourselves. Some of us are unable to travel because of work, others financial commitments, others family commitments. Some of us are just grateful to be able to go on a weekend camping trip with some relatives, and while we may not all be gazing at Il Duomo in Florence Italy this summer, it’s important that we put into practice two actions when it comes to vacation envy.


The first is having gratitude for what treats we ARE able to give ourselves. Even if you have a “staycation” where you turn off your cell phone, unplug the computer and just enjoy a nice bottle of wine, some steaks on the grill and a little 1940’s jazz on your own patio with a friend or loved one, be grateful for that and LIVE into that moment! It’s good for the soul to breathe in the calm, peaceful and relaxing love-filled moments.


Secondly, don’t be afraid to dream big for your “ultimate” vacation. Make a vision board with all the places you want to visit! Print out pictures of white sand beaches in Tahiti, or the Loire valley in France, open your mind to the possibility that you might actually go there one day! Start a travel journal with all the places you want to go! Budget and trip and then start putting money aside so you can get there. Be OPEN to the experience and you never know what might happen.

I hope you all enjoy your summer vacations this year no matter how big or small. Treat yourself and be grateful!


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