photoI recently had the privilege of doing a workshop with Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Success Coach. There were so many wonderful nuggets that Jack shared with us, to assist us in creating a successful, happy life, that I have decided to do a series of blogs sharing those principles.

The first one that I want to share is:

If you have something you want to create, a project or a cherished vision for your life, NEVER give up on it! Never stop trying to bring it into reality.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, was turned down by 144 publishers before Jack found a publisher that would print it. What if he would have stopped at 100? Think about that. This series, which has become a world wide phenomena wouldn’t have existed if at 100 rejections Jack would have said, “Okay, I’ve given this a good try, I’m done.” Who would have blamed him? 100 rejections should be enough evidence to make it clear that the project had no merit…right?

Clearly history proved otherwise. The project had great merit but no one except Jack saw it at first. Yet, he wouldn’t give up on it, it was his baby, he had to find a way to let it become what it should be.

It reminds me of a story I read in one of my favorite Alan Cohen books, A Daily Dose of Sanity. He tells the story of two primitive tribes who were warring. One tribe lived on the top of the mountain and the other lived at the base of the mountain. One night the highlanders raided the village of the lowlanders and kidnapped a baby. The next day the lowlanders assembled a team to climb the mountain and retrieve the child. But they did not know the trails and they weren’t skilled at mountain climbing. The search party struggled to make their way up the slope but after half a day they could not ascend any further. Discouraged and disappointed they packed their gear to return.

Suddenly, to their amazement, the rescue team saw the baby’s mother coming down from the mountain, holding her child in her arms. Baffled, they asked her, “How were you able to scale this steep mountain and rescue your child when we were unable to do so?”

She answered, “It wasn’t your baby.”

He goes on to say that desire and motivation are the precursors of achievement. If you want something enough, you will find a way to do it.

In the above story the mother didn’t seek the search party’s permission or even discuss her intention with them. She just knew what needed to be done and she did it.

If you have a baby that you want to birth or rescue, don’t ask permission or seek the approval of anyone else. Ask your heart what needs to be done and then just do it.

Walk toward your dream everyday and don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done. I would love to hear about “babies” you fought to birth. Please share your stories of hope with all of us.




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