photoTake 100% responsibility for your life.

This is really a tough one for a lot of people because it is so much easier to play the blame game.

If it’s your husband’s fault, your parent’s fault, your boss’s fault, your wife’s fault, the mess the kids are in or any other circumstance that you can blame for your behavior and your mood, it’s so much easier. This is what we’re used to, this is what we’ve been acculturated to do.

However, contrary to what we’ve been lead to believe, there is another course of action. You can accept that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life. You, either created it, attracted it, or needed it, to teach you something important to get to the next level.

I know for some of you that sounds very un-sexy and like way too much responsibility, but that’s the whole point!

Listen to this…it’s very important.

If you created it, you can un-create it and recreate it!

If everything just happens to you, you are at the mercy of circumstances and therefore powerless to change them

Believing that we are at-cause, is very hard for some, who find more comfort in believing that a more powerful Being is responsible for everything. This kind of belief, however, leaves us powerless, and God a villain.

So here’s what I am suggesting:

  1. Every day when you wake up take two minutes and visualize that day happening perfectly.
  2. Take two more minutes and put light in each of your 7 major chakras.
  3. Set your intention for the day. Tell the energy how you would like it to show up.
  4. Don’t set your intention to what you think is possible. Step outside of the box called “Safety…things I know I can have.” Step into the box called: “Risk…crazy things I desire.”

Doing all of that can happen in less than 5 minutes, but what I know for sure is that most of you won’t do any of this. You will say it’s too much trouble, it’s too hard, I don’t have time or any other of a myriad of excuses.

If you choose that course, I won’t judge, I will probably feel sad that someone acculturated your child to believe this truth, to accept mediocrity. But those of us that are ready to rise above the mediocrity and excel to the heights, say thank you, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to speak on such a subject.




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